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priv·i·lege /ˈpriv(ə)lijnouna special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.


The goal of this game is to provide an understanding of privilege by offering a glimpse of the world through another’s eyes. By revealing the reality of circumstance and the often invisible struggle of everyday Americans, we hope to give people the keys to more empathy in their lives. In an effort to create a cathartic and accessible formula, we’ve taken, at times, a satirical tone to discuss and dismantle the harsh realities of our absurd world. It is our intention to create an engaging and effective fact-based experience without minimizing the lived experiences of marginalized individuals and communities. We’ve formed an Advisory Board to help guide Reality Check in that process.

We believe that: black lives matter • healthcare is a right • women’s rights are human rights • no human is illegal • love is love • gender is not binary • climate change is real • corporations are not people • the earth is round • a nation is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable people.


Be the first to complete your Life Achievements while the game and your friends actively check your privilege. Help others or fight the power with Righteous Action cards. Collect Woke Tokens to advance around the board towards your goals. Battle the realities of hate and systemic oppression while you pursue life fulfillment. The American Dream comes crumbling down in this unforgettable adventure!


Where can I buy Reality Check?

Copies of the game will be available on Kickstarter in November 2019.

Is this some liberal SJW propaganda?

Yes, of course. There must be something in the water.

But, in all seriousness, Reality Check is an earnest attempt to communicate the concept of privilege. We’ve made an effort to offer a facts-based representation of American life.

That said, we cannot guarantee that we aren’t lizard people. #flatearth

Why does this game exist?

The goal of Reality Check is to provide a fun and informative foundation for discussion and understanding of the complex phenomenon of privilege in America.

The goal of this game is not to patronize the lived-experience of marginalized people, but instead to expose privileged individuals to how privilege functions in American society.

Who is this game for?

This game is for the education of people in positions of privilege—to help them gain a better understanding of how the realities of circumstance functions in America. It’s for casual gamers who like engaging stories.

Reality Check has adult themes and content that may be considered challenging.

Why are you using humor in a game about serious issues?

The story of privilege in America is incredibly serious. Its effects result in the vile persecution of many groups for the crime of being born into unavoidable circumstances.

One of the questions we get about Reality Check: The Game of Privilege is how we could approach these serious truths from a position of satire and humor. After all, there’s nothing funny about racism or misgendering people. While the inclusion of such realities in the game is not meant to be humorous at all, the juxtaposition of more comedic content and mechanics is challenging for some, uncomfortable for others.

Our decision to include humor in this game is designed to act as a compelling entry for those who have not been exposed to the function of privilege in America, as well as a tool of catharsis for others. Some may not appreciate this juxtaposition of comedy and seriousness. We validate such sentiment, but also believe that the use of humor does not inherently devalue the seriousness of an issue and can be used as a tool to engage in transformative conversations.

How many people can play and how long does a game take?

Reality Check is best played with 2-6 people. One round takes around 90 minutes.

Can I sell Reality Check in my store?

Definitely probably. For inquiries, please contact gameofprivilege@gmail.com.

I don't like this game, what can I do about it?

Don’t buy as many copies of the game as you can. Don’t flush said copies down your toilet or set those copies ablaze on your front lawn. Don’t snap a ton a pics and post them with the hashtag #boycottrealitycheck.

Oh and Twitter. Twitter is great for this 😂


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