We've put together a running list of clarifications for the Rules and have identified any current issues with the game.



Correction: Page 1 in the Rule Book incorrectly lists the number of Circumstances cards in the base game as 54.

There are 56 Circumstance cards in the base game (including Special Circumstances like the Semi-Auto). There are two additional Circumstance cards included in the box thanks to the America the Beautiful expansion pack. This brings the total number of Circumstance cards in the box to 58.



Issue: Each game is supposed to have one black die and one white die. But the game shipped with two black dice. Our bad!! This doesn’t really affect anything in the game and was just meant to be a helpful visual guide.

Solution: Stretch your imagination and pretend one of the die is white. Or purchase a replacement white die here for $0.33. (Note: All future orders will include a replacement white die.)



Clarification: When forced backward on the board, no optional space actions may be taken. But the required space actions must be taken sequentially.

For example, if a player must move back two spaces and lands on a Side Hustle, they may not utilize the space and collect money. But if a player is forced back two spaces and lands on a Privilege space, they must collect a Privilege card and read it immediately aloud.



Clarification: While in Jail, players are unaffected by Righteous Action and Privilege cards (unless otherwise stated). Players may not collect Woke Tokens while in Jail.



Clarification: Here’s how you can integrate the Microaggression Booster Pack into your game.

  1. Shuffle MA cards into the Privilege deck.
  2. If you roll a Privilege or land on a Privilege space, and the next card in the Privilege deck is a MA card, collect it into your hand.
  3. Use your MA card against specific player Circumstances to steal a RA card from that player. That player retains the inactive MA card in their profile.
  4. If a player has accumulated 3 inactive MA cards played against them, then they lose a completed Life Achievement!
We recommend playing Reality Check without MA cards before adding them to the game.



Clarification: In addition to Righteous Action and Privilege cards, while a player is on the Safe Space they are protected from all potential damages like the Semi-Auto card.



Clarification: Special Circumstances are player Profile modifiers that come into play during specific scenarios. Special Circumstances include:

  • Unemployed/Life of Crime
  • Addicted
  • PTSD
  • Semi-Auto
  • Restraining Order
  • Military

These should not be included in the initial Circustmances card draw at the start of the game. All Special Circumstances stem from a Privilege or Righteous Action card, with the exception of the Unemployed/Life of Crime card

The Unemployed/Life of Crime card only comes into play when a player has gone bankrupt. See Bankruptcy on pg 14 of the Rule Book.



Issue: One of the two Upper Class cards (the UX Developer) has an incorrect icon on its face. The incorrect icon, 1%, should actually be the same $$$ icon on the back of the card. The Upper Class UX Developer is not a 1%er.

Solution: Do your best to ignore the incorrect icon. Do not treat the Upper Class UX Developer as a 1%er regardless of how well-off they are.